Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rochester NY

Tooks van is the best way to travel,even with the loose trucks.

The Truth singing some autographs .

old pic of turtle and barnes in the bathroom at Krudco.

Tombos new shirt for the weekend.looking good

guess who almost got this hoodie.

Doogie almost took down Took.


i got this for Tooks van cuz the van was shakin so much that i knew she would do a great job.

kids hungry for some free stuff.

Tombo killed the demo.

boy band 5BORONYCS

Alans homo

We went to the marshall bar after n watched sports.

and played pool.




Akers and Alan killing it

Bagel land was delicious.thanks to bagel bob for hookin it up

Feiz cumpleanos to Silverster Eduardo aka el profesor.

Gladiator on the way back? why not. pretty dope weekend trip with 5B.

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