Tuesday, February 16, 2010

France Trip with 5boro 2006 pt.3

Lim gettin epic,bsts.

this is the reason Lim was not feelin well in Lille.

f that puss.

went to Lyon after and cruised around JB Gillets favorite spot .

some awesome street art.


Luidgi ghost ride the whip.

went and skated this awesome bowl outsie the city . Joey T fs 5.0


The French Connection.

Nicolas the photographer super psyched.

this is where we stayed at in Lyon. Luidgi's homie's apartment.

this is the view we had from the apartment.

J motherfuckin Barnes

we went to this warehouse miniramp sesh/bbq.

they had some awesome graff/paintings on the walls 

Mini ramp shesh.

The Grill.

France Trip with 5boro 2006 pt.2

Pensyl: yeah right i'll skate this hubba!
instead he ollied into this bank.

so fucked up.

Limjob being a little antisocial.

We took the train to Lille for a few days.

J.Barnes doin some magic tricks

then Polo showed us his French version of the trick.

French dawg.

this is where we stayed at,the owner of the skateshops place.i think it was called zeropolis.

sick skatepark.

Luidgi drinking some fruity drink but looking hard as hell.

dinner time

this random guy wanted a pic.

Did i mention joey gained a little weight on this trip cuz he wasn't skating.he had surgery on his ankle a couple of weeks before we left . 

It was Bastille Day so we went to this river to watch some fireworks.

and then of course we hit the bar and our friend Jose came on the trip with us and bought everybody shots.


Ben n Polo.

Limjob wasn't feelin well and stayed outside and he didn't drink at the time .

Joe and i stayed at this apartment above from this skatepark, cuz there was'nt enough room at the other place. this is the view from one of the windows.

this is the couple that lived in that apartment, they were sooo nice , i wish i remember their names.

reverse pole jam.

sick spot.

hold them flowers.