Tuesday, February 16, 2010

France Trip with 5boro 2006 pt.3

Lim gettin epic,bsts.

this is the reason Lim was not feelin well in Lille.

f that puss.

went to Lyon after and cruised around JB Gillets favorite spot .

some awesome street art.


Luidgi ghost ride the whip.

went and skated this awesome bowl outsie the city . Joey T fs 5.0


The French Connection.

Nicolas the photographer super psyched.

this is where we stayed at in Lyon. Luidgi's homie's apartment.

this is the view we had from the apartment.

J motherfuckin Barnes

we went to this warehouse miniramp sesh/bbq.

they had some awesome graff/paintings on the walls 

Mini ramp shesh.

The Grill.

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