Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lake Owen woodward with Willy Akers, so many activities!!!

right off the plane.

Found my wine.

Nathan's feet got tan.

sick filmer, sicker skater Zach Moore.

Perry Lake

magical place

Willy loves LOC .

Skate and Create with Nathan.

Stairway to heaven.


new activity.

new activity #2

great staff.

Clark and his b day present that we all signed.

great new beer.

Legion bar

all of the merican pics were from the bathroom at Legion bar.

Best dude ever Hurvey.

this was on a ramp at the Superior skatepark.

so many

Jared and his lowrider

Lake Superior

Went to Duluth Minnesota for the day.

full pipes


Willy kickflip

Hurvey ss front board

We on a Mofokn boat.

Smooth operator

Bald Eagle

video coming soon.

Corn Hole 

Willy skating the ert at night with some fancy lights.

Scott took a lil break from work to slip and slide, no time to change.

Perry Lake again, 

I don't know what Nathan is doing either.

no clue.

Willys wheels are actually this big.

Hot tub.

Brock,Zach,Willy and Hurv at corner bar.


She good