Wednesday, May 18, 2011

QB,BK and Jerz!


Dwaynne and I. bs ts

after a good event, a good meal

Dylan sleeps in my room with me now.

Dan King turned 21 finally.

they got pizza at the Charleston

Colin spread eagle and Maria


Andy Kormos part of the kcdc fam now.

Jewelry by Tugman

If you're interested email me

Jimmy fs lip

Time for a good ol' story in the van.

Willy shared a really good one also.

My nigga Took

love that guy board, i had it when i was a kid.

my new bling.thanks Joey

shit is serious.

at the tookmanian's mansion

Darren don't joke around

Willy and D. Bask

It was a good fight, video coming soon.

discount store, pretty sweet.

i wish i was too

Peru represent!!

real talk



New 5B t's coming out soon.

Limited edition collabo with Sam.

que viva!!

Lil Chris.

product toss.



thanks to Omar and everybody at blackflag shop

peruvian din din, always great!

can't wait to go back

rainbow son!