Saturday, November 6, 2010


Luidgi and Clive ridin'

Tombos favorite restaurant in SD

5B Booth.

Volcom Booth.rave theme.

Akers was psyched on it of course.

Viva el Peru carajo!!

Clive and some dude.

Willy ft ts.


the new hot sport in California.

Clive and las chicas Reef.

Gnar took us out to din din.

best dude ever Jeff and Clive

Jimmy wouldva ordered this cuz he's from Bethesda.

lil kids love stairs in Cali.

so does Clive, nosegrab

5B represent.

SP reppin the 5 too

The Gunthers.

Hurvey killin it.

Sean Sheffey

Clive nosebluntslidin.

Amy and Pat Duffys baby.
SD version of back to the banks. sucked!

massive salad?

We got bored so we played beer pong in our hotel gay.

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