Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tampa Pro 2011

Pensyl.(when he used to drink).

Gator tacos.

we stayed was pretty sweet, thanks Nike.

I shot this photo for Took. 

Pensyl did pretty good in the contest. reppin the 5!!

I met my niece for the first time.

Shes lookin at my double chin.

My brother Renzo came to see me skate.too bad i blew it, thanks bro!

mad cute yo.


my run was before the one and only J.Casanova.

Enrique brought his puppy.this photo is right b4 J Casanova tried to buy the puppy from him.

my man George got a new tattoo

Freddy and Clint.

Westgate and Stratton


Yellawolf killed it

this is right b4 we smoked, weird.

Jeron and Gabe


Punkett and Bobby

Mr Pott must have shown his boobs alot.

Chris Blake drove from Orlando to show some support.

Westgate,Miller and i.

Manny and his lady you too Manny

Benny was killin it.

this guy wanted a photo with me, i think his name was Eric or something

BEST DUDE ever Jeron.

Rick was there.

Nick, Bobby and i.

Pat mothafucking Duffy.

sober guys were killin it.

i have no idea who this guy is.

Grosses thing ever. stepping on horse poop.

and this guy licked it off for like a dollar. random dude. only in ybor city.

Scott's tatt is sick.

fuck the police

i reunited with the old 5b crew.Westgate,Suski, and Dompierre

Pete and George from adidas, thanks for the ticket again.

some random lady wanted a pic

How did Strubing get in this pic?


everybody loves Biebel

high class rolling.from the hotel to the skatepark, thanks Nike

my friendship bracelet got some company that weekend.

yup.thanks again Nike.

Roll Forever!!

Zered fs crooks the whole box. he killed it!!!

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